After my first degree at the University of Edinburgh (MA (Hons) English Language and Literature), I took a PGCE at St Martin’s College Lancaster and then taught English, Drama and Media Studies at Dallam School in Cumbria for five years. I taught across the age and ability range.

On returning to Edinburgh in 2005 to take an MSc by Research in English Language, I tutored various undergraduate courses, particularly first and second year courses in English Language and Linguistics. I also worked as a teaching assistant in some Honours level seminars and carried out some lecturing work.

University teaching

2011: The University of York. Lecturer for two third year courses: ‘Accents of Britain: English Dialect Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology’ and ‘Research in Language Variation and Change’.

2011: The University of Aberdeen. Lecturer for ‘Sounds of English’ second year course.

2009: The University of Edinburgh. Lecturer for English Language 1 module ‘The Sounds of English’.

2009: ‘Lancashire English’. Guest lecture given on the postgraduate seminar series on English Linguistics in the Faculty of Philology and History at the University of Augsburg.

2008: The University of Edinburgh. Teaching Assistant for Figurative Language Honours Course.

2006-9: Tutor for Linguistics 2: Empirical Methods.

2006: The University of Edinburgh. Teaching Assistant for Northern Englishes Honours Course.

2005-9: The University of Edinburgh. Tutor for English Language 1.